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Funding Scenarios

This information is designed to guide you through the world of African civic tech funding from where you are. Use these different “scenarios” or personas to find more specific information about the financing world, including tips and advice. We use these hypothetical scenarios that would realistically occur in the African civic technology landscape, in reference to different stakeholders, to allow us to apply some of the research learnings more pragmatically. 

We have developed five typical scenarios to consider our learnings:

I am a civic tech organisation reliant on donor funding in an environment where donor funding is decreasing.
I am a new civic tech organisation and startup that is establishing itself with no existing funding model.
I am a donor trying to learn more about the civic tech landscape in Africa whilst working on our funding strategy.
I am a social entrepreneur hoping to scale an existing product in the region.
I am a civil society organisation looking for a civic technology partner and have no internal development capacity.