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I am a Social Entrepreneur

Expand your network

Especially given some of the less mature financial markets in which civic technology might be initiated, organisations should explore expanding their networks to new kinds of contacts and partners, even before considering diversifying revenue streams. This means active participation in social communication channels and relevant events. This might even mean looking for mentors that exist outside your current network. New partners could mean new resources, both human and technical, and new communities.

Budget like there’s a tomorrow

Budgets need to be designed with the eventual scaling strategy in mind. This means trying to capacitate as much as you possibly can today, for the organisation you want tomorrow. This must however be realistic. It will need to be balanced against the risks of expanding too quickly, too soon, and making your overheads too burdensome. Think of this as another “Goldilocks” scenario (see Tip I). Basically, what is being advised is not just budgeting based on previous expenses, but also understanding your budget needs to facilitate where you want to get to.

Think about your dollar value

There should be a strong emphasis on trying to determine both the social and economic implications of your product (alongside its business model). Unpacking return on investment needs to be thought of in significant detail, and with realistic projections strongly embedded in your context.