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I am a Civil Society Organisation

Agile Manifesto

Read the Manifesto for Agile Software Development here: agilemanifesto.org

Agile is king

Agile development is a commonly used method in software development, and a strong feature of much civic technology development. This form of development allows for quick pivots and flexible implementation. Thinking about how to allow for that in contract and implementation is vital. As is being prepared for the frequent communication and engagement that is necessary to develop truly great solutions. You are a very central stakeholder in the development process itself.

Get alignment where you can, and transparency where you can’t

Effective collaboration needs to be built on trust, and transparency. Aligning goals between organisations in the early stages of a project goes a long way to advance this. A simple diagram for charting your goal alignments, that you can complete with your partners, can look like this (see right).

It may even be advisable to contain this in project documentation expressly, so all project implementers have sight of it.



Outline each partner’s project priorities, including initial development priorities
Categorise which of Partner 1 and 2’s priorities align
Categorise which of Partner 1 and 2’s priorities diverge